Senior Holiday Gift Ideas

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to locate that ideal gift, the one that will make your loved one’s face light up with joy? When it comes to the seniors we love, it is perhaps even more fulfilling, as it can be challenging to come up with new and creative ideas. The elderly have years’ worth of acquired treasures, and let’s face it: there’s only so much satisfaction to be experienced in getting a pair of socks or another tie.

This holiday season, why not think outside the box? At-Home Care Company’s expert senior helpers in Urbandale, Iowa has put together the following senior holiday gift ideas that are guaranteed to brighten the day for the seniors you love!

  • Personalize a treasure. Turn favorite photos into useful items which seniors can enjoy throughout the year; for example, photo blankets, puzzles, calendars, and many other options. A hardbound photo book can be helpful for individuals with Alzheimer’s. Incorporate images of members of the family with names to assist the senior in remembering who’s who, or create a book with photos from his or her childhood for a lovely way to reminisce.
  • Make a game plan. Assemble a gift basket of classic games, including large-print playing cards and any other family favorites. Coordinate ahead of time with local family and friends to designate a weekly or monthly game night that will, of course, also work well with the senior loved one’s schedule. Insert a calendar in the basket with dates and times highlighted, and then take pleasure in a year of fun get-togethers!
  • Go high tech. Technology is advancing on a daily basis, it seems, with a lot of gadgets aimed at improving life for senior loved ones. Select from senior-friendly computers, tablets, and smartphones, a smart speaker to provide news and entertainment, or a safety-enhancing medical alert system. Make certain to plan for ample time to help the senior figure out how to navigate the brand-new tech tool, too!
  • Give an experience. Many times, the gift most prized by older adults is the gift of time spent enjoying a personal experience with family members. A gift certificate to a nearby spa for group manicures, hair styling, and a massage is a great way to make new memories together; or keep it simple and select a gift certificate to the senior’s favorite restaurant. For a more cost-conscious idea, create a customized booklet of coupons, redeemable when the older adult chooses for services such as mowing the grass, housecleaning, cooking, and more.

At At-Home Care Company, nothing can make us happier than seeing the delight in the older adults we serve! Call us at (515) 292-2650 any time for additional holiday gift suggestions, including the gift of professional in-home care from our highly trained, experienced, and compassionate senior helpers in Urbandale, Iowa and the surrounding communities.