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The Confidence that Comes from High Quality Care

There’s truly no place like home. We can relax and be ourselves, enjoy the freedom to make daily small (but important) decisions, such as when to wake up, what meals we’d like to have, the family and friends we’d like to visit with, what activities to engage in, and so much more.

Not surprisingly, the goal of the vast majority of older adults is to remain in the comfort and sanctity of home throughout aging, and it’s our goal as a home care company at At-Home Care Company to make that desire a reality through a full range of customized elder at home care services. Our at home senior assistance is designed to empower older adults to age in place safely and with the independence and dignity they so rightly deserve.

We accomplish this by first meeting with seniors and their family members at home to get to know more about them: their personalities, likes, and dislikes, the challenges they’re facing, what is important to them, and much more. From there, we create a highly individualized plan of care, and carefully match each senior with a caregiver who will be compatible, and with whom the senior can form a strong bond of companionship.

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Some or all of the following types of non-medical, elder home care services can be included in the plan of care as needed or requested:

Discreet Technology for Enhanced Safety at Home

Home care services help older adults stay safe, independent, and comfortable at home. But what happens when a caregiver leaves at the end of their shift? Unless a loved one is receiving 24/7 care at their home, there will be times when they are without immediate access to assistance. To provide an additional layer of support between caregiver visits, we partner with StackCare, a provider of in-home safety technology.

What’s SmartCare by StackCare and How Does It Work?

Unlike a wearable pendant or an in-home camera system, SmartCare is unobtrusive and does not interfere with a person’s privacy or lifestyle. SmartCare’s technology works through tiny, inconspicuously placed sensors that blend seamlessly into the home environment. These sensors send signals to a computer system that learns an individual’s typical activities, behaviors, and routines. If there are alterations in a person’s patterns that might be a cause for concern, a real-time alert is generated that can go to loved ones or our agency.

Learn About the Advantages of SmartCare Today

If you are interested in a discreet and effective solution to help a family member maintain their safety and independence at home, contact us for additional details about SmartCare’s features and how it can enhance peace of mind.

Contracts are never required, and services are available for as much or as little as requested. Contact us any time to schedule a free in-home consultation or to allow us to answer any questions you may have about the highest rated senior home care in Waukee and the surrounding areas by calling 515-292-2650.

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